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Evènement Global

MEETING TO STOP PETROL HEMORRAGY. Date : jeudi 1 juillet 2010 Heure : 12:00 – 15:00 Lieu : ALL OVER THE WORLD. Description.WE ARE HYPNOTIZED BY FOOTBALL WHILE WE ARE IN DANGER. The B.P plateform is leeking&spilling petrol like an hemorragy that is currently extending up to the atlantic oceanic platform. By hurting the living entity that is housing us, we are sawing the very branch we sit on. No so called animals would be as stupid to do that. INSTEAD OF GATHERING OUR ENERGYS ON THE WORLD CUP, wich obviously we can manage, WE WILL UNITE ON NEXT THURSDAY from 12P.M to 12 A.M G.M.T (UNIVERSAL TIME) for example in Europe it will be 2 P.M Brasil it will be 9 A.M East coast of the U.S 8 A.M Hong kong&China 8 P.M THE GOAL IS TO UNITE/FOCUSED/EMPOWERED ALL OUR INTENTIONS-PRAYERS-WILL POWERS regrardless of our divisions, wich here stands for our weaknesses, TO SAVE OURSELVES, BECAUSE EARTH WILL SURVIVE, WHAT ABOUT US ? WE DON’T WANT TO BE DROWNED WHILE ASLEEP, AND WE ARE ASLEEP AS A SPECIES. EARTH IS HAVING A PETROL-BLOOD HEMORAGY THAT WE WANT TO STOP. there is no technological miracle « cure » for it, that’s the reason it is not « fixed ». WE HAVE TO BE THE CURE, IF DO NOT WANT TO BE THE VICTIMS. TO BE RESPONSABLE IS TO FIND THE RIGHT ANSWER, NOTHING ELSE. WE HAVE 12 HOURS TO GIVE at least 5 MINUTES OF OUR PRECIOUS TIME, WHAT WILL TURNED OUT TO BE FOR MOST OF US IMPOSSIBLE…


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