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Traditional chinese massage(s)

Shen Zen

Patented Method . Formerly  known as Chong-MO.
This complete treatment activates the flow of Yin & Yang energies throughout the marvelous vessels, and Chung Jen-MO-MO.
It reactivates muscle-tendon meridians that are producing  defensive  energy :Wei Qi (immune system and physical energy).
He raises the vital energy (Qi) and sexual energy.
It fights against psychological disorders.
It follows a specific procedure for maximum efficiency: A series of three interval determined.


Combining traditional Chinese massage drainage techniques, moxibustion and acupressure points.
It tightens the waist, boosts energy and  make the Qi circulates. Gives a clearer perception of space and time.

Lumbar back-

Frees the sciatic nerve and the lumbar area.


Massage of the womb relaxes and de-toxin  all the organs in the abdominal area, the Hara.

Full body massage flowing from the head

Combines a facial massage, directly related to the acupuncture points and meridians as well as cranial approach (Sacro-cranial).

€ 80 a consultation.

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